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Cure Pharmacy

Mobile app and responsive website design




UX/UI Designer


Jun - Aug 2022

Mobile app.gif

Product Background

Cure is an online pharmacy that offers free prescription deliveries, 24/7 communication with pharmacists, and low-cost savings. Their easy-to-follow interface allows patients to manage their medications with ease.

Roles and Responsibilities

Conducting user interviews, ideating with How Might We, competitive audit, paper wireframe, digital wireframes, low and high-fidelity prototyping, visual design, accounting for accessibility, conducting usability testing, and iterating on designs

The user places a prescription order on auto-refill then completes the checkout process.


With technology advancing, people wish to fill their prescriptions online but fear it would be a hassle and hard to use. Many individuals, especially older adults, who are relatively new to technology, have a more significant learning curve and would avoid learning altogether. Many patients have to rely on calling in and going in-store to refill their medications. It makes it highly inconvenient for full-time workers and the elderly who aren’t capable of going in person


To create a simple and intuitive ordering process for patients to manage and fill their prescriptions.

Key features

  • ability to create multiple profiles under one account for different members

  • transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy

  • set up auto refill

  • keep users updated on the refill process

  • set up pill reminder notifications

  • call doctors directly from the app

  • section for note-taking under each medication

  • ability to specify delivery date and time

  • track medication deliveries

  • 24/7 online support

  • next fill countdown (responsive web only)



Patients no longer have to call the pharmacy to order refills because they can order on the app at a click of a button.

Patients can reach out to a pharmacist any time of the day if they have a question about their medication.

Online support

Having an app to order medications for delivery will save users time from going in-store and waiting in line.

Time saving

The goal

The main project goal is to develop a smooth experience for users to remotely order their medications without going in-store.


The option to set up pill reminders will help patients take their medications on time.

Auto refill

With the auto refill feature, patients never have to worry about forgetting to refill a prescription.

Med Product Page.png
Delivery details.png
Date and time _ 2_edited.png
Confirm order.png
Order confirmed.png
Delivery status.png

"I want to be able to do everything on the home page."

Usability study

After conducting the first round of usability testing for the low-fidelity prototype, we have discovered 4 main pain points:

  • users couldn’t figure out how much the medication cost from the home page

  • user has no way to go back to the previous page from the cart summary

  • auto toggle was hard to understand for older users

  • users were confused on why the new medication was listed twice

"It would've been nice if the price was readily visible."

"How do I know I added to cart?"

"Each medication will need a delivery date [in cart summary] so then I can schedule the delivery from here."

Mobile app - mockups.png

Responsive designs

The designs for screen size variations include mobile, tablet, and desktop. Additional features have been included for the desktop version to optimize the screen real estate. While the dedicated app mainly focuses on ordering refills, the responsive versions allow users to view the information from a bird’s eye view using the desktop layout.

iPad Pro (11_).png
Mobile App (Mockup).png

What was the impact

Users have shared that they find the app extremely easy to use. They all appreciate the color choice for providing security and safety. In addition, since they get to choose the delivery date and time, it helped to align the medications to deliver within the same time frame.

"I like the blue. It reminds me of healthcare. Very calm."

What I learned

I  learned that dedicated apps and responsive mobile websites have differences. Therefore, we should try to create subtle differences to make them each of their own while keeping the same brand identity. This was an enjoyable yet challenging project because it was my first time creating this many different screen variations. Although I was sometimes stuck, in the end, I was able to create a cohesive experience for my users. 

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